Your startup branding package:

Before you choose a startup branding package, have a read through the process set out below. It’s just an overview but will give you an idea of what to expect.

If you’re the impatient type (who isn’t?) have a look at the different startup packages right now:


To start with, we will have a chat about your business and gain as much insight as possible on where you are and where you’d like to get to!

After establishing how you like your coffee, or more importantly, how your target customers drink their coffee, we will ask for examples of branding/websites that you like and why you like them.

After this introductory process we go away and create a mood board that shows our interpretation of what we think the brand identity should convey and where it should draw inspiration from.  We like to think of it as a kind of roadmap.

Creative Coup Startup Branding Package We love Brownies Moodboard

Once approved, it helps guide us back on the road if the design has gone off too far down one of those pretty but ridiculously narrow country roads. It’s good to explore, as long as you can find your way back right?

This mood board will also give a good steer on whether we are all on the same page or perhaps have different expectations. In the case of the latter, we throw it all on the fire, rise up from the ashes and start again! (We don’t start the actual design process or carry on with your startup branding until we’re all happy with the mood board.)

your Startup DESIGNed

Now we talk about deliverables:

By the end of this stage, as part of your startup branding package, you will have:

  • A brand spanking new logo
  • Mini brand guidelines, or as the big agencies call it, a brand bible.This is a document that sets out your brand’s colours, fonts, as well as guidance on the use of the logo in different scenarios, different backgrounds etc.(Trust us when we tell you this document is endlessly useful, you’ll love it!)

Now, even if you had to stop here, you would have done well!  But why would you? We now have to create the hub of your marketing efforts, the headquarters of your empire…hang on…before we get to that…

One more thing…


If you have a great library of professional images at high resolution for us to use, great.

If there are aspects of your brand or product that can be conveyed with carefully chosen stock pictures, not as great, but ok. (The best stock pictures are almost guaranteed to be used by your competitors as well. We and your parents think you’re a one-of-a-kind human, we think the images you use should be unique too!)

If neither of these are true for you or your business, we will insist on this being included in your startup design package. We will insist gently of course, but in that way that you’ll know we can’t face life without good photography to keep us sane.

Seriously, this is why almost every startup branding package includes an element of photography, nothing will tell the story of your business and passion better than beautiful photography.

We can go on about it, instead we’ll show you:

Your startup WEBSITE:

Your brand and business will live online, this is it’s home. All the elements mentioned before culminate to show off your startup or small business identity in it’s best possible light.

As part of your startup branding package you will get a fully responsive, mobile friendly, WordPress website that you are able to maintain and update yourself should you wish to do so.

If you don’t, we’ve got you covered in the form of Maintenance and Care plans

We are big believers in a perfect blend of beauty and user experience. One should never be sacrificed above the other and we go into more detail about that here.

Creative Coup Startup branding package Freida's Pantry web design on various devices
*Select Your Plan:
  •   Logo Design
    logo evolution 2-3 options + stylesheet OR: brand new logo 2-3 options + stylesheet/guidelines
  •   Corporate Stationery Design
    business cards/letterhead/email signature
  •   Powerpoint Template
    Cover, title, content page
  •   Printed Marketing material
    leaflets, flyers, brochures
  •   Comprehensive Brand Bible
  •   Social Media Branding
    facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest etc, Banner design £90/bundle (up to 4) , £25/social media
  •   Responsive Website
    (Basic 4 page, HOME ABOUT GALLERY CONTACT) * Can be designed as one page website
  •   E-commmerce
    Woocommerce shop up to 20 products
  •   Photography
    Half-day shoot on location






*Obviously we’re not an online vending machine! CONTACT US if you want a different combination of the above.

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