He gets a kick out of learning new things. He derives pleasure from sharing what’s he’s learned. Mostly for free. Shock, horror, it’s almost as if he likes helping people. When he’s not writing for Creative Coup, he’s thinking about what he is going to be writing for Creative Coup. He never sleeps, never eats, could be Superman, but it’s not proven. He has no sense of humour and never writes an untruth. That last bit might not be true.

His is the voice on this website.
If you’d like Anton to write for you…


She gets stalked. In a good way. Every single client service or brand manager that has worked with her in the past, still calls her regularly to do what their team of designers can’t. For you, this means someone who won awards working for big clients, will be overseeing the birth of your brand. Tandy is the designer cliche. She designs even in her sleep, photographs every moment, and can’t help but love our clients and their businesses as much as her own. 

If you want to see more of Tandy’s work, go HERE, or talk to Tandy directly…


From time to time, we collaborate with others when more expertise is needed in a particular area. One such clever cookie… is Kelly.
She is our goto Retail Marketing and PR guru and nothing floats her boat more than turning ideas into reality. She’s a pro at finding the latest solutions to help get you and your brand embedded in the minds of your existing and potential customers. Her ideas and energy are boundless, she finds inspiration everywhere and gets the job done. If it’s not obvious to you already, we love her work and know you will too!


  • We work with people who are passionate about their product and their business. They have to be, because starting and running a startup is not for the fainthearted, beautiful branding only gets you so far!  
  • We work with people that don’t sweat the small stuff, but have vision. People that take decisions, people who see the value in creating a strong brand. Make no mistake, we are checking you out from across the dance floor just as much as you are deciding if we’re the one.
  • We see this as the start of a relationship, a partnership even. We get involved in the brands we help create, they become a part of us.

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