Anton writes and occasionally, when he thinks no-one is around, also sings.
His is the voice on this website and your first point of contact.


Creative Director

Tandy is the cliché designer: living, breathing and dreaming design in all its forms. Heading up our design team, she’s in charge of realising your vision.



A talented Illustrator, she immersers herself fully in the world of the brands she manages. Don’t let her gentle nature fool you, this lady’s going places!


Brand Strategist

Jackie lives life at a hundred miles an hour and judging by her race results, runs about just as fast! Her enthusiasm and drive shows in the way she handles positioning and strategy for our clients.


Marketing Manager

A dab hand at everything, Kelle keeps the machine running and shouts about us to anyone who will listen! A Jack of all trades, and master of all of them! 


  • We work with people who realise the value in partnering with an agency that cares and take ownership of your brand as much as you do.
  • We work with people who don’t sweat the small stuff, but have vision. People who make decisions; people who take action and move things forward. Make no mistake, we are checking you out from across the dance floor just as you are deciding if we’re the one.
  • We see this as the start of a relationship, a marriage even. We get involved in the brands we work with, they become a part of us and help shape our identity the way we help to shape theirs.

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